Together We Can

Build and Create a Friendly Societies For All..

What We Do


— Social Services

Our social services aim to create a friendly society by building stronger communities, and promoting and opportunity.


— Shelter Housing

We strive to provide veterans’ their basic needs and also to give them affordable shelter housing.


— Supervision

We also provides also acts as a nonprofit project supervisor – connecting businesses, and assisting companies with representation outlets in Africa.


— Community Integration

Our community integration services help participants to strive to learn, work, play and socialize successfully in their local environment


— Advocacy

Hope for Africa also provide Advocacy and Sensitivation in order to make the world a much more better place


— Documentary

Our documentary is a non-fictional motion-picture intended to “document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction and education.

What We Care For!

Donation Pickup for Salvation Army
The Keys to a New Future for Chlidren
Hai Warm Coat
Food donation
Crisis Relief Assistance
Child Care